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Posted on 2007.02.10 at 01:48
Where am I?: My Dorm Room
How I'm feeling!: sick& cranky
What I hear!: a softer playlist, i've got a headache.
OK, So it is almost 80% offical. The HGL has STREP THROAT!

I was woken up by a wake up call around 8 this morning (friday), and felt so beyond shitty that i went right back to sleep Around 4:30 - I wake all the way up. And I felt good enough to get out of bed. So i got down off my bed and got a water out of the fridge. Cracked it open and took a sip and went "OUCH!" Grabbed the small flashlight and my mirror and took a look at my throat. I had a frakking FLEUR DE LIS in bumps in the back of my throat. I was sick. fuckity fuckity fuck. So i made myself some oatmeal and started trying to remember which illness equaled spots in the back of the throat. My parents call right after I finish my oatmeal, so I asked my dad. He said it was Strep. I go "fuck" under my breath. Strep can turn into rheumatic fever if you dont get meds for it. So I have to find out when the on campus docs are open. they close at 4:30 on fridays, and open back up at 10 on mondays. I woke up as they were closing. fuckity fuckity fuck, again. ok, urgent care's my next choice. A friend works at urgent care, so I'll prolly see him there tommorrow. BTW - I still have spots in the back of my throat, but the swelling has gone down a bit, so I no loinger see the Fleur De Lis

The last time I had strep was 1st grade. I was sick from one monday (was sent home from school with it) to the next tuesday(i came back wednesday), counting my family's standard, one day to make sure it's gone rule. So yeah. I won't be back in classes until next week again. Cause Friday is when I got sick this time, so I won't be "healthy" until at least next friday and then you've gotta add one day to make sure I'm really back to being ok.

wahhhh - and I have a paper due wednesday that has to be handed in in person. I get to send dowell an email asking her may i mail it, or email it to her since, given my history, I'll still be highly contagious at that time. Frakking idiot Dowell.


Your .02 is up! koki_no_42387 at 2007-02-10 17:38 (UTC) (LINKOS)
hopefully your professor will understand...they're usually good about illnesses and stuff...so long as you have a written doctor's excuse...trust me, i had a problem w/ shit like that last semester. i got a 24 stomach bug (throwing up, fever, etc) the day of a test in bio 113, and the professor wouldn't let me make it up or anything b/c i didn't have a doctor's note...which is stupid to go the doctor for the stomach bug you know? it only lasts 24 hours at the most and there's no meds to take care of it....okay i'm done ranting...GET BETTER SOON HGL!!!!!
Your .02 is up! pangea_maru at 2007-02-10 23:01 (UTC) (LINKOS)
*hugs you & sends you some virtual homemade chicken soup*

Hopefully the Urgent Care center will give you some antibiotics & you'll start feeling human again. *hugs again*
Your .02 is up! shoonoowhatever at 2007-02-11 02:21 (UTC) (LINKOS)

Hope you get better!


Damn that sucks! Yeah professors are usually good about these things, and if they say no come to class then be like, ok but strep throat is contagious.. lol

Chris Smith
Your .02 is up! marco_jeez66 at 2007-02-11 20:12 (UTC) (LINKOS)

Re: Hope you get better!

gotta say, I love your icon, Shoonoo.

And totally hoping you get better soon, HGL!
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