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from twilight_mash02

A random quote that's awesome!

Posted on 2015.12.31 at 15:39
How I'm feeling!: happyno idea why
What I hear!: Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland

…and so she said, no matter what the time. it will always be the same & we’re never out of time until our deaths, know that forever and always. we are writers, never out of words, never out of ideas, always there is inspiration and no matter what, we will always find it. after all, we are writers, and we run out of little, except for ink, because they’ll never make a pen that properly satisifies our writing appetite. welcome to the world of authordom – take a number, we’re all here to see the shrink.

Until I get bored and decide to make my journal friends only, that long quote will stay at the top. ^^

Integra from Hellsing

O.o - maybe

Posted on 2009.12.27 at 19:53
Where am I?: computer nook aboard that Airship Revanta
How I'm feeling!: curiouscurious
What I hear!: ABNEY PARK, abneypark.com
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Lol, maybe this app will stop me from dropping off the face of the earth again....


.... I keep doing this, don't I..

Posted on 2009.12.27 at 18:24
Where am I?: computer nook on the Airship Revanta
How I'm feeling!: blahblah
What I hear!: ABNEY PARK, abneypark.com
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The not updating that is...

Ah well. I'm trying, it's just not terribly easy to keep up with everything that I'm signed up for.

random things:

I'm interested in "Steampunk"
I knit and I crochet... mostly the latter...
I have a twitter.. "HuskersLaura"

Integra from Hellsing

Last updated 30 weeks ago?

Posted on 2009.04.24 at 18:06
Where am I?: my parent's house, still
How I'm feeling!: irritateddammit me!
What I hear!: Dora the explorer XD - i love my nephew though!
Good lords, I died and fell off the earth apparently.

I'm sorry to everyone. I've had a hectic as crap several months and it's been fairly a constant craziness.

Life's flying by, I know I've been neglecting LJ, and I'm fairly sure most of my LJ friends from the rodama community have forgotten who I am.

I'm going to try to be here a little more often - we shall see.


That bitch!

Posted on 2008.09.23 at 22:21
Where am I?: Paducah Kentucky
How I'm feeling!: angryLivid
What I hear!: my furious typing
It's family drama time. I'm sorry but I HAVE GOT TO RANT before I blow my cap.

The rant - warning - cursing heavyCollapse )damn that girl.

public - because i feel like it.

Integra from Hellsing

AHOY!! I AM ALIVE..... NaNoWriMo anyone?

Posted on 2008.09.08 at 23:36
Where am I?: my room
How I'm feeling!: creativeomg!tonytissmexx
What I hear!: Jewel - Hands. rodama fanmix.
anyways...   NANOWRIMO TIME BISHES. you know what that should mean.

first bloody damn thing I've written in a whileCollapse )

Integra from Hellsing


Posted on 2008.05.04 at 23:24
Where am I?: living room
How I'm feeling!: infuriatedmore like livid
What I hear!: HP 5 the movie
alrighty - more talking i guess.

random little thingsCollapse )

and thats that for now


bloody hell

Posted on 2007.02.18 at 15:59
Where am I?: home in Memphis
How I'm feeling!: sickbloody bronchits
What I hear!: Celtic Women A New Journey

I came home to Memphis TN for the weekend, because yeah - well, it's presidents day weekend. So I haven't been feeling good all this past week. And mama and I wanna go shopping because there are some really good sales on. And I'm feeling really really shitty. We come home and about 8:30 I take my temp. It's 101.1 so of course, I get doped up on cold meds and tylenol.

I go to the doctors this morning, because my family knows full well that when I get sick, I do it with spectacticular strength. I get really really ill. I mean, I go down and I stay down.

Which means, to those of my friends @ WKU, you don't get to see me for another few days, becuase I was supposed to return to BG Monday, but now, due to the meds I'm gonna be taking, I'll be returning Wednesday instead.

So, yeah. I'm gonna call the Moshi prolly tommorrow, about 6:45 to 7, so that I can let peeps know how many fliers I have managed to get out. (4, 3 in Centerville/Dixon TN and 1 in Jackson TN)



Posted on 2007.02.10 at 01:48
Where am I?: My Dorm Room
How I'm feeling!: sick& cranky
What I hear!: a softer playlist, i've got a headache.
OK, So it is almost 80% offical. The HGL has STREP THROAT!

Read the details...Collapse )

Integra from Hellsing


Posted on 2007.02.06 at 21:31
Where am I?: MMTH 3rd floor
How I'm feeling!: accomplishedaccomplished
What I hear!: Daigacon's meeting

And we're hoping that more people want to come, ASAP! If you're interested and are near enough that it wouldn't kill yo uto come see HGL in her college town, PRE-REG for Daigacon! go to www.daigacon.org to get the information.

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