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Integra from Hellsing


Posted on 2008.05.04 at 23:24
Where am I?: living room
How I'm feeling!: infuriatedmore like livid
What I hear!: HP 5 the movie
alrighty - more talking i guess.

so - first off - we're remodeling my room at my house - images forthcomeing sometime soon.

Second off - I no longer speak to several of the people i used to call my friends down here in the south. They got pissy about the fact that I screwed up their master plan of me rescuing their family from the brink of broke. (fyi - my family is just as fucking broke as theirs.)

third - my employers are beginning to discover that they're beginning to need a scapegoat to blame all their problems on - and since it can't be the wonder cashier - or anyone else - it's left to be me. And by that - I mean - this past thursday May 1st, wonder cashier called in sick - and left me as the only cashier. Which meant the owner and his wife were double teaming as the other cashier. And around 2:45 I was told to clock out and go home. No mention of anything else for me to do (other than clean the dining room, which i do normally anyways), nothing. And I was off friday - and then they wrote me up saturday saying that I had been told to clean the restrooms and the lobby before I left. They claimed that I did not. However - I always ask which ever bloody manager is on duty to look at the dining room before i clock out to make sure it's to manager standards. The one on duty that afternoon - the king jackass himself - told me it looked ok - and thus I got to go home.  And then two days later they're writing me up for something jackass himself told me looked ok - and on that note - i was never fucking told to clean the dining room.

I'm going to ask the owner of the store to recall the fact that if I'm told to do something I generally do it (and without lip which is generally a breath of fresh air in the store since most of the workers are smartasses though I'm not going to say that to his face), and that I flat out do not recall being told anything at all about the bathrooms. I have a copy of my write up - and i doubt that'll make forgetfull owner boy very happy, but like i give a damn anymore.

If I was sure I was into the classes this summer for the EMT training - I'd quit the damn job and just take the classes and then get a job in the industry when i passed the NREMT test.  I'm getting fucking tired of this favortisim shit where princess alexis is allowed to do whatever the fuck she wants and the rest of us have to follow the rules. I wish someone was awake when i get my break in the mornings on saturday and sundays - so i could at least brake that rule like i see her doing every monday through friday. and jobs are so hard to come by that i have to put up with it until I'm sure I'm into the classes or have another job lined up. (hopefully something in the cordova/bartlett/memphis area is hiring so i wont eat up all of my pay going to and from work)

and thats that for now


Your .02 is up! blackfushia at 2008-05-04 06:52 (UTC) (LINKOS)
Just in case your wondering, this is David from Western. I decided to actually start posting on livejournal a couple of weeks ago.

Your managers sound like jackasses and if ever your able to quit then you should go off on everyone there. Other than I just wanted to say hi and see how you were.
Your .02 is up! twilight0206 at 2008-05-04 15:24 (UTC) (LINKOS)
yeah i would tell your bosses to fuck a bunch of that.

that i too much stress for you
Your .02 is up! koki_no_42387 at 2008-05-04 16:33 (UTC) (LINKOS)
i know how you feel about sucky managers...i had them at toys-r-us...it sucked ass...wendy's wasn't as bad, but we had a few...

here's hoping you get into the EMT classes!!!
Your .02 is up! shoonoowhatever at 2008-05-05 03:02 (UTC) (LINKOS)
what an bitch of a boss.

*hugs* call me if you ever need to talk, anytime, m'kay?

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