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Integra from Hellsing

AHOY!! I AM ALIVE..... NaNoWriMo anyone?

Posted on 2008.09.08 at 23:36
Where am I?: my room
How I'm feeling!: creativeomg!tonytissmexx
What I hear!: Jewel - Hands. rodama fanmix.
anyways...   NANOWRIMO TIME BISHES. you know what that should mean.

Ahoy there.

yes - nanowrimo time. check it out. www.nanowrimo.org


anyways onto the fun-ness.


Prompt One: You're sitting in a room, it's decorated in shades of blue and black. Outside the window is a very technologically advanced world. Go through the rest of your house - and have a meal - and tell us about it.

     I close the book I've been reading and get up and stretch. My bedroom is various shades of blue and black and has one huge picture window that generally works as my alarm clock since its on the east wall, facing the gigantic holoclock across town. I go to put the book back onto the bookshelf and then turn towards the entrance to my room. As I walk towards the door, it opens automatically and then slides shut automatically behind me.

     I cross the hall and go to the bathroom to splash so water on my face to freshen up, I'll change later, I'm having a guest over for dinner. As I leave the bathroom, I make sure it looks freshly cleaned. I pass through the hallway and into the living room, and I look towards the pane of darkened glass. "Viewscreen on." The glass lights up and starts showing the news.

     I go through another archway and step into the kitchen, and I check my line of sight to the screen, and I notice that I can't hear the news person speaking. "Volume to 50%." Now I can and I turn away from the pass through between the kitchen and the living room. I reach up to the pantry and tap the door, and it opens silently. I take out the pasta and the sauce, and put those on the counter. I turn away from the pantry and go to the refrigerator and I pull out some chicken breasts. I put the chicken in the oven, and let it start cooking as I start preparing the water for the pasta to cook in.

     As the past water starts to get warm, I head into the dining room to get the table set and ready for my guest and myself to go from the entry straight to the table without me having to go and get anything. I return to the kitchen right as the water for the pasta starts to boil, and I drop the pasta into the pot. I bend to check on the chicken, it's cooking just fine, looks like it's got another 10, maybe 15 minutes before I should pull it out.

     I turn and take the wine cooler and put ice and the bottle into it, and I hook the wine opener onto one of the handles, so I don't have to go hunting for it when we'll need it. I carry the cooler into the dining room, and on my way back to the kitchen to give the pasta a stir, I pick up the carafe that I'll have some iced water in for us to have something other than wine to have our meal with.

     The pasta's almost done cooking, so I put the sauce into a pan and put it into the microwave and let it get started heating up. I turn on the warming device so I'll be able to have the plates ready and keep them warm while I go change. I get the chicken out of the oven set it out on the cutting board so I'll be able to just start cutting it into strips. I go back to the stove and take the pasta off the heat and move it over to where I can strain most of the water out of it and I serve it onto two plates. A moment later, the microwave beeps, and I ladle a decent amount of sauce onto both of the plates.

     I cut the chicken into slices and place them onto each of the plates and then I place each of the plates into the warmer and I head back into the living room. "Viewscreen off, lights to 50%." I cross the living room to the hall and step through the door to my room.

     I cross the room to my closet and opened the door. There, hanging separate from the rest of my clothes is the outfit I wanted to wear for my date tonight. As well as what I wanted to wear under it. Not like I was absolutely planning on something happening, but I was sure hoping. I mean, can't a girl wish? I take the outfit out of the closet and lay all of its separate pieces onto my very midieval looking four poster bed. I quickly change into the outfit, and stuff my old clothes into the hamper that's hidden in the base of my closet and shut the closet door. I'm wearing a corset with off the shoulder bell sleeves and a long billowy skirt.

     As I head for the door, I make sure my room looks neat and tidy. "Lights to 50%." And I turn and look out the window at the clock, 7:30pm it says. I then turn and walk out of my room, and walk into the kitchen. I take the plates out of the warmer and move them to the table and light the candles all around the room. I glance at my watch, and then at the ceiling, "lights to 50%." I look towards the front door and exactly at that moment the door bell rings. I walk to the entry and cross the small room to the door.

     I open the door, and there stands my beloved cop. We've been dating for a few months, and this is the first time we've had dinner in the absolute privacy of one of our homes. I smile at him, and he smile back, and pulls a platinum dipped rose out from behind his back. It's the birthday rose of January, and as I take it from his hands I step back to allow him entrance. Right inside the door he steps out of his shoes and slides them into the box and then he wraps his arms around me and hugs me tightly. "Areiana." My name. All he said in greeting, but I never minded with him.

     "Anthony. Welcome to my home." I take his hand and lead him into the dining room and place the rose into a dry vase. We sit down to eat, and he smiles down at his plate.

     "Chicken Alfredo, my favorite." We finished eating and started talking, each discussing our jobs. I'm an EMT and he's a cop. We have lots to discuss - without actually discussing anything really at all. We both have to follow the HIPPA rules. As we finish the meal, he rises and helps me to take the dishes into the kitchen, and he dissapears for a moment while I move the wine into the living room. He returns and we curl up on the couch. We keep talking and eventually, we've moved on to talking about our relationship. We only get a little bit of time each week to spend any time together, but we're making do. We each understand that our jobs are our lives, but we've both discovered that we like to be able to have someone to talk to.

     Suddenly Tony gets to his feet and walks to the window of the living room and looks out.  He then turns and returns to the couch where he squats down in front of me. "Areiana, will you marry me?"

end of the story unless I decide to make it into something much much bigger - but that's highly unlikely. well - mostly highly unlikely. I really don't know.


and shoo - think about this and reread it - you should see something.


Your .02 is up! blackfushia at 2008-09-09 13:35 (UTC) (LINKOS)
I read this and as I'm reading the snow is falling down in the background of your profile. So the whole time I'm reading I think that it's snowing in the story as well, haha.
Your .02 is up! fellowshipper at 2008-09-10 15:59 (UTC) (LINKOS)
OMG!!! She lives!!! She lives!!! :o
Your .02 is up! shoonoowhatever at 2008-09-11 02:29 (UTC) (LINKOS)
OMG *dies*
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