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That bitch!

Posted on 2008.09.23 at 22:21
Where am I?: Paducah Kentucky
How I'm feeling!: angryLivid
What I hear!: my furious typing
It's family drama time. I'm sorry but I HAVE GOT TO RANT before I blow my cap.

So the start of the fucking drama story:

My grandfather had this disease that could turn into adult leukemia at any time.
In the past month - it has done that. It has turned into leukemia - with blood cell count went to 70,000 in a month then jumped another 4,000 in 6 days. Definitive leukemia.

.:.:.:. Jump to yesterday .:.:.:.

I traveled some 250+ fucking miles north of memphis tn to godsdamned paducah ky, to see my grandfather who's now a permanent resident of the local major hospital.

We get here, and we find out that my cousin has managed to trick my grandfather into a trip to an attorney's office and got him to give her medical power of attorney. This means that if shit happens - the doctors tell her and ask for her decision on it. We went in and offered to give her a break - and she informed us that only she knew what to do - and that only she could take care of him.

Having his power of attorney also means that she apparently gets to dictate who goes in and out of the room.


And yes - there's a fucking reason I mentioned that. She texted her mother (whom was with me and my mom at walmart 5 miles away) and asked if someone was going to come back to the hospital. My aunt texted back that she at least was coming back tonight to try and give my cousin a break. A few minutes later, my cousin texted her and told her that the nurse just put up a sign saying "no visitors allowed". So my mom called my cousin and asked about it. My cousin told her that only she herself, and not even her own husband - was allowed in. Mama thought that was weird, really fucking weird, so she called the nurses station. And the nurse told us that my cousin had asked her to put up that sign - that she'd had no reason for it medically - but that my cousin had asked her using her power of attorney. That makes my cousin a lying little bitch.

Mama then asked my cousin about it, and my cousin got pissed off and informed her that she was never going to get back into the room because my cousin has fucking power of attorney and then my cousin fucking hung up on her.

I cannot afford to make this fucking trip again before the end of the year. And the doctors are telling all of us that my grandfather has a month - two if we're lucky, left. I will see him one last time before he dies. I will. That is fucking final. and I will allow for nothing else.

And that little bitch will not stop me. She will not and I will see my grandfather one last time before I have to close the fucking casket.
 damn that girl.

public - because i feel like it.


Your .02 is up! koki_no_42387 at 2008-09-24 04:58 (UTC) (LINKOS)
Your .02 is up! shoonoowhatever at 2008-09-24 06:59 (UTC) (LINKOS)
O.o scary.. but that bitch deserve it, *holds tongue*

kick that heartless selfish bitch's ass.

*hides from scary HGL*

Your .02 is up! twilight0206 at 2008-09-24 14:13 (UTC) (LINKOS)
yeah this call for only one plan of action "cut a bitch." i'll spring for bail if you need it
Your .02 is up! blackfushia at 2008-09-26 06:30 (UTC) (LINKOS)
This kinda sounds like what my family would've done. There's no reason that you shouldn't be allowed to see your own grandfather before he dies. Not to agree with the other comments, but it does sound like someone needs a good foot in the ass, XD.
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