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from twilight_mash02

A random quote that's awesome!

Posted on 2015.12.31 at 15:39
How I'm feeling!: happyno idea why
What I hear!: Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland

…and so she said, no matter what the time. it will always be the same & we’re never out of time until our deaths, know that forever and always. we are writers, never out of words, never out of ideas, always there is inspiration and no matter what, we will always find it. after all, we are writers, and we run out of little, except for ink, because they’ll never make a pen that properly satisifies our writing appetite. welcome to the world of authordom – take a number, we’re all here to see the shrink.

Until I get bored and decide to make my journal friends only, that long quote will stay at the top. ^^


Your .02 is up! shoonoowhatever at 2006-09-24 01:46 (UTC) (LINKOS)

Love the quote!

that was an awesome quote! hehe where ever did you find it?
Your .02 is up! huskerslaura at 2006-09-24 03:45 (UTC) (LINKOS)

Re: Love the quote!

I randomly created it myself. it's part of a WPD class that i was in for senior year of HS. so it's just there. XD
Chris Smith
Your .02 is up! marco_jeez66 at 2007-02-05 07:59 (UTC) (LINKOS)

Re: Love the quote!

hoping this works >.
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