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bloody hell

Posted on 2007.02.18 at 15:59
Where am I?: home in Memphis
How I'm feeling!: sickbloody bronchits
What I hear!: Celtic Women A New Journey

I came home to Memphis TN for the weekend, because yeah - well, it's presidents day weekend. So I haven't been feeling good all this past week. And mama and I wanna go shopping because there are some really good sales on. And I'm feeling really really shitty. We come home and about 8:30 I take my temp. It's 101.1 so of course, I get doped up on cold meds and tylenol.

I go to the doctors this morning, because my family knows full well that when I get sick, I do it with spectacticular strength. I get really really ill. I mean, I go down and I stay down.

Which means, to those of my friends @ WKU, you don't get to see me for another few days, becuase I was supposed to return to BG Monday, but now, due to the meds I'm gonna be taking, I'll be returning Wednesday instead.

So, yeah. I'm gonna call the Moshi prolly tommorrow, about 6:45 to 7, so that I can let peeps know how many fliers I have managed to get out. (4, 3 in Centerville/Dixon TN and 1 in Jackson TN)


Your .02 is up! shoonoowhatever at 2007-02-19 06:08 (UTC) (LINKOS)

epp.. doped on drugs is not fun!

fliers for daigacon?
mebe i can help - i have a anime meeting next week and can pass them out there. call me for details if you want...

hope you get better soon!
Your .02 is up! huskerslaura at 2007-02-20 21:19 (UTC) (LINKOS)

Re: epp.. doped on drugs is not fun!

delt w/ this on the phone - but I haven't had time to make the fliers for you yet.

Daddy and I watched this show about future weapons, and there was lots of random discussion about the weapons in the anime Hellsing. it was fun.
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